Open Runs

YOU must reserve your spot online

Open to ages 9-12, fast paced game format, great competition and tons of fun. Bringing back the spirit of pickup basketball!

We have referees, a scorekeeper and a coordinator on site during open runs. 

Open Run Schedule


Sat 6/29/2024 | 9:00am-10:00am | Ages 9-12 | SKILLS WITH COACH RAMON

Sat 6/29/2024 | 10:00am-12:00pm | Ages 9-12 | OPEN RUN

What are open runs?

Why are we doing it?

We believe that todays generation of hoopers from ages 9 through high school are missing the spirit of pickup basketball and how valuable it is for learning to love the game.  At Hoop Legends, we want to bring back that competitive spirit in a free flowing and fun format that is distinctly different than a high strung tournament weekend and more like the good ol days at the park. 

No coaching, no screaming sidelines, no silly fouls, and no pressure.  Put your name on the board by yourself, or with your friends, wait for your turn and go hoop. 

Who is it for?

Any competitive basketball player who wants to participate in a fun environment that is free from the pressure and structure of a regular weekend tournament is welcome to come play in the open runs.  

Players that have an off weekend from tournaments, recreational players, friends and family are all invited to have a good time.

What does it cost?

We charge $10/session for any player that wants to participate in the open run.  Our sessions normally run 2 hours.  For some weekends we will separate age groups based on the anticipated volume to even out the playing size and skill.  Reservation of your spot ahead of time is required to secure the pricing.  It is $15 at the door if you do not reserve and we will turn away if we are at capacity. 

Whats the game format?


  • 7 minute games
  • 1s and 2s
  • No timeouts
  • Clock only stops for injury or game stoppages, not tantrums or arguments
  • Ties result in next basket wins from a new jump ball.


  • Call your own fouls

  • All fouls and inbound plays are ball up top

  • Honor the call

  • Player must say foul to make the call

  • If a player says anything other than foul, the call may be contested, if contested, the person contesting the call shoots for ball. If a player says foul, the call cannot be contested. Clock does not stop for arguments. Supervisor has the final call.

  • And 1 is not a call, it is a soft flex, and will be treated as such

  • No continuation on fouls

  • Supervisor has final say on calls

  • Foul in the last 5 seconds, clock resets to 5 seconds

  • Intentional flagrant fouls (not making a play on the ball) / Undercutting / Unsafe and blatant inconsiderate behavior may result in suspension from ranked play at the discretion of the supervisor

Spectator and players

  • Gambling, violence and threats of violence are strictly prohibited at our open runs
  • All games are subject to audio and visual recording
  • All players must have closed toed gym shoes with non marking soles
  • Athletic attire is mandatory. Jeans, boots, and jewelry is prohibited
  • Athletic headbands, protective facemasks, supportive braces and goggles are allowed
  • Respect all staff and visitors
  • Disruptive players may face suspensions or bans