Indoor pickleball courts

Court Reservations Start on March 11, 2024!

Fully climate controlled, indoor facility complete with cushioned wood floor, brand new restrooms, viewing deck and lounge.  Come see why we’re the best secret in OC’s pickleball scene.

How do i come play?

We have 3 pickleball courts available to reserve between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm.  Each of our courts is independently available and starts at $40/hour.  

For most rentals that come as a foursome to play, this is only $10/person for the hour!   Our most common rental time is 90 minutes as it allows for plenty of game time, but enough to get settled, warmed up and ready to play.  

We allow reservations of the entire facility as well which includes all 3 courts for our standard facility rental fee of $125/hour.

Court details

Our Floor

We have the same portable wood cushioned floor that is installed in many NBA arenas that includes rubber isolator pads, composite wood battens, airspace, and a solid maple top.  For pickleball, it’s proven to be joint-friendly and allows many of our players to go for longer sessions without pain.  It’s responsive with the use of indoor specific balls and keeps everyone safer. 

Court Sizing

Our courts are not tournament regulation size.  The dimensions of the facility has required us to make small compromises to make the courts playable yet as close to the regulation size as possible.  Each court has been measured to be 20′ wide x 40′ long. The kitchen is measured at 6′ deep.  There is 42″ of space behind each baseline into a fully padded wall on both sides.  


Since our prized floor is exceptionally maintained and is shared by the basketball club, it is extremely important to have the right footwear to use our facility.  This means non-marking, rubber soles that ideally would not be worn on outdoor courts.  While we realize that most will not have a different pair of shoes for playing indoor, taking care to keep your shoes clean on the wood will keep it looking great and performing at its best.